Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why The Democrats Will Fail

The Democrats think they have won a great victory, with this election giving them what they believe is a mandate to change the country and force their liberal policies down the throats of hard working Americans.

These Democrats will do everything in their power to try and stifle any attempt anyone who doesn’t believe in their extreme views, see Joe Lieberman, or anyone who believes that we can not tuck tail and run.

Why do the Democrats continue to ignore the words of our own enemy? They have said on multiple occasions how much they want to take over Iraq ad they want us gone and the Democrats are going to give the terrorists exactly what they want.

They want a withdrawal or a phased redeployment which no matter which way you put it is retreating, Nancy Pelosi even said herself that “this is not a war to win, but a problem to solve”, and these comments show what the Democrats really believe.

The American people do not want higher taxes and amnesty for illegals and that goes for Bush’s stupid “comprehensive immigration reform” as well, which if given the chance the American people would soundly defeat any such measure.

The Democrats will fail because the people will be able to see that it’s not them they care about, but furthering their own agenda to make this country as insane as they clearly are.

All they have is their hatred for President Bush and the Iraq War, it was quite obvious that they loved it when the body count got over 100 deaths of American soldiers in Iraq, they loved being able to use the deaths of brave Americans to smear Republicans and take control of the House and Senate.

The Democrats seem to be happy and gloating everywhere, but because they do not control the Senate by a big enough margin President Bush will be able to wield the ultimate weapon against them, the veto pen.

With Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld now out of the way, Bush now has the opportunity to set a new path to achieve what we all want, ultimate victory in Iraq and the withdrawal of some troops when it permits.

I am glad Rumsfeld is no longer the Secretary of Defense; I have in previous posts called for him to go and for someone to arrive who would be able to crush these savages unmercifully.

While I would love to see someone in the mold of another one of my heroes, Patton, this would be a person who will be able to understand the nature of the people that we are dealing with and recognize that they only know violence and that unless we beat them without remorse we can not win.

Now the Democrats must show this country that they will not take the legs from underneath the very soldiers fighting to protect them and their freedoms.

The Democrats also need to show the world that they will not retreat from the war on terror and evil despots across the world by undermining the President.

Now is the time that Democrats have to act, they say that a change of course is needed, but what is that change? They want to raise the minimum wage, oh big deal huh?

Just about every state in the country has a far higher minimum wage than the national one, so what would be the point of that?

I’m a little hesitant to take the Democrats at their word on just about any issue, I have seen for my own eyes their undermining the President, the military and the general war effort, even the ultra liberal CNN decided to air openly terrorist propaganda, it just sickens me.

Unless the Democrats show me something different my opinion of them will stay the same, pretty much worthless.


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