Monday, September 18, 2006

Muslims Show The World Their True Nature

Everyday when I scan and read the news wires to find stories for this blog, but the one thing that I am never in short supply of is stories containing violence and death perpetrated by what Michael Savage first dubbed “Islamic fascists”.

When President Bush used this same term a couple years later he was maliciously attacked by so called Muslim activist groups who continue to preach to us and tells us that Islam is the “religion of peace”, but what they fall to do on a regular basis is show the same outrage when a terrorists attacks occurs.

Where are the huge massive protests to condemn these terrorists and the actions they use?

We have seen them so up for the destruction and massive protests when it comes to matters as serious as a cartoon, because we all know cartoons will cause the death of us all.

Anyone who even criticizes Islam is brought under attack and is labeled racists, but the fact remains that no one in the world is killing more people than Muslims and I sure don’t see Irish or Japanese people chopping off heads while praying to god.

Now I believe they have gone too far and the world can finally see how much hate and anger the Muslim world has for Christianity and its followers.

Christians around the world must unite to defend our way of life and our civilization from these savages who wish nothing more than to kill every single one of us.

People, mainly liberals, believe that we are the reason for these terrorists and the cause for attacks on our country and troops.

They could not be more wrong.

They say they are attacking us for our foreign policies and because we have military bases on Muslim holy land, but the truth is that Muslim savages have been attacking this country from our inception and it will not end until we destroy them.

Barbary pirates where attacking American shipping and ransoming our government for safe passage in trade routes, these attacks forced the United States government to start the juggernaut now known as the United States Navy.

Many Muslim clerics around the world have condemned the Pope, and for me that is the last straw.

We can not stand by idle while our world is being taken over by brutal savages who shoot nuns in the back and strap bombs to children.

I do believe that Islam if applied correctly could be a great religion that could do much for the world, but I reject the notion that this faith has been hijacked by a small number of people for their own personal gain.

Every country in the world that has Islam as apart of its government and creation is inherently violent and totally brutal with the bare minimum of rights for its women citizens and it treats its openly gay citizens by dropping a stone wall on them.

The hard-line clerics around the world have called for the destruction of the west and Israel not to mention the brutal killing of as many Americans as can be possible.

We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to what these savages are saying and preaching about us; we must take them at their word and act accordingly to prevent the subjugation of our world.

Europe is too weak and has been invaded by these animals and is incapable of action, one only has to look to France and the riots of last year when the Muslims of that country went berserk and set fire to everything, this would be the Muslim equivalent to our peaceful protests.

I have tried to give Islam a fair shake, but everyday I am given cause to stop and think when I see the massive scale of death and hardship caused by the followers of this supposed “religion of peace”.

Until this savagery is brought under control people including myself will doubt the convictions of those Muslims who claim to condemn these heinous attacks against our country.

The Muslim world must prove itself, if they truly are the “religion of peace”, than show the world; show this country, shows me.


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