Monday, July 10, 2006

Japan Considers Military Action Against North Korea

TOKYO - Japan said Monday it was considering whether a pre-emptive strike on
North Korea's missile bases would violate its constitution, signaling a hardening stance ahead of a possible U.N. Security Councilvote on Tokyo's proposal for sanctions against the regime. The vote itself could be delayed for several days, a news agency reported.

China asked Japan to postpone the vote until later this week and Japan is prepared to accept, Kyodo News agency said.

Japanese officials had earlier vowed to push ahead with a resolution that would impose sanctions on North Korea for its missile tests last week, but said Tokyo would not insist on a Monday vote.
Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi told reporters his government wants a vote on the measure "as soon as possible."

"I think we must send a message that's as clear as possible" to North Korea, he said.
Japan was badly rattled by North Korea's missile tests last week and several government officials openly discussed whether the country ought to take steps to better defend itself, including setting up the legal framework to allow Tokyo to launch a pre-emptive strike against Northern missile sites.

"If we accept that there is no other option to prevent an attack ... there is the view that attacking the launch base of the guided missiles is within the constitutional right of self-defense. We need to deepen discussion," Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said.

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So the midget of North Korea is still puffing out his chest trying to show the world that despite his diminutive stature that he is a power to be reckoned with. Appeasement is not the answer, as shown in the 1930’s with Hitler, but there are those who still try and use this approach. Japan has the inherit right to defend its country from aggressor nations such as North Korea. While the midget and his missile system are a clear and present danger to the national security of our country, they are even more of a danger to Japanese islands, which are less than 400 miles away. The midget has not made any intention of dismantling his ballistic or his nuclear weapons program. If Japan is serious with taking this threat head on and decides on military action, we have an obligation to our allies to be right there with them. This is just as much our problem as Japan’s, we need to be leading the way as usual, and this is a responsibility that we must take seriously. We have been avoiding this problem for far too long and it’s about time that we take serious action to prevent this madman from fulfilling his wishes of attacking our great country.


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