Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The IRA vs. Hezbollah/Hamas

Well someone had to bring up the IRA or the Irish Republican Army. For those of you who have no idea what the IRA is let me give you a little back round.
The Ira was created with the formation of the Irish Republic in the late 1910’s and became the Irish Republican Army, when Northern Ireland was officially created in 1920, those members of the IRA who where not happy with the treaty split and continued its efforts at creating a unified and free Ireland, without England. Yes they have killed innocent people, and yes I don’t exactly agree with it, but I do understand it.
All Ireland has wanted was to govern herself and be a united country without the influence from outside forces that has plagued most of the history, that’s not asking too much I believe.
If you want to compare them with the terrorists we fight today, its’ going to be quite hard. First of all Israel has given lands back to the Palestinians such as in the Gaza Strip, and has moved from other areas that they had been previously occupying, such as southern Lebanon.

Now Israel received many attacks because of the occupation of said territories and when she decided to gives those areas back, as a way to further the peace process, what did they get except for more attacks?
If England had or in the future gives back Northern Ireland to the people of Ireland, the IRA would for the most part not bother England, it would have no reason. What they are fighting for is much different than what those savages in the Middle East are fighting for.
If you want to compare the two go ahead you will only embarrass yourself. The IRA fights for Irish unity and independence. Hamas and Hezbollah say they fight for their own people, but yet they are only for the destruction of Israel and the subjugation and death of all who do not view the world in their extreme and screwed up view.
The IRA also does not make it a practice of chopping the heads off of people and strapping bombs to innocent children. The Irish at least have some honor, not like these savages in the Middle East.
The IRA has committed acts of murder, it has killed innocent people, it has set off bombs, and I do not debate this at all, but when was the last time you heard about the IRA exploding a massive bomb in an ice cream shop, or pulling teachers out of school and executing them right in front of their students. Do you hear the IRA killing people just because they wear shorts? Do you hear about them? NO? Guess what, that’s because it is NOT happening.
Do not take this as me supporting the IRA, I’m just saying I can understand what they are doing opposed to say Hezbollah or Hamas. Also the IRA is not trying oppressing all those who do not think the same way as them.
Ultimately terrorism in all its forms should be fought and defeated, I am just a little more worried about those savages in dirty sheets than I am about the IRA.


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