Saturday, July 08, 2006

Gitmo suicide probe finds hints of plot

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - An investigation into three apparent suicides at the Guantanamo Bay prison has found that other detainees may have helped the men hang themselves or were planning to kill themselves too.

Authorities who searched other detainees' cells after the three were found hanged discovered instructions on tying knots, along with several notes in Arabic that were "relevant" to an investigation of a possible broader plot, officials said in court papers filed late Friday in Washington.

The detention center's commander, Navy Rear Adm. Harry B. Harris, said in an affidavit that investigators believe "the suicides may have been part of a larger plan or pact for more suicides that day or in the immediate future."

Authorities confiscated personal papers from nearly all 450 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to "determine whether other suicides were planned or likely to be planned," Carol Kisthardt, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service agent in charge of the investigation, said in an affidavit.

Both affidavits were filed in support of a request for a judge to appoint a special review panel to review all the detainees' documents, which include letters from attorneys.

Lawyers for Guantanamo detainees have condemned the confiscation of the legal papers as a violation of attorney-client privilege and asked a judge to order their immediate return.

Investigators said they confiscated about 1,100 pounds of personal documents after three detainees were found hanging from their steel mesh cells before dawn on June 10 — the first reported deaths of prisoners at the prison.

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Well many in the international community have condemned the United States over the issue of Guantanamo Bay and our treatment of our so called “detainees”.
With the suicides on June 10th the pressure had been racketed up on the Bush administration and with the subsequent ruling by the Supreme Court the lefties have been having a field day. It’s very obvious that those who killed themselves did so only for political reasons meant to derail the Bush administrations prosecution of this war on terror, of which we are so involved.
If they all want to kill themselves I say more power to them, less mouths for us to feed as far as I am concerned, not to mention there special place in the depths of hell of which they belong, seems only fitting to me.
President Bush has stated that none of these terrorist scum will be leaving anytime soon; these sub-humans do not rate good enough to get access to our legal system and our rights!
They have not participated in Geneva Convention and therefore are not covered by it. Even if we abide by it they do not, they are not a uniformed soldier of a state, remember these are the people who saw people’s heads off and kill innocent children by strapping bombs to them.
We must be ever vigil my friends and if we do not have the resolve we will fail!


Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Where is the International Outcry about the jails in Uganda, NK, Iran, etc...

In fact, reading Michael Yon recently, there was a bad guy who was 'thrilled' to be going to Abu Ghraib - he will get three squares, electicity and water!

Why isn't Bolton standing the middle of the GD horseshoe in the UN, pointing his finger at all those loser countries and sayign, 'You, you, you, especially you and all you countries over here SUCK.'

Give me that job...I'll do it!

8:19 AM  

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